The Written Word 

Countless people in this day and age keep a blog. A quick trawl of the Internet shows that the quality of these varies greatly, between the frighteningly bad and the incredibly good. There are many people now who will go to a blog to read the latest news rather than a newspaper website. Often big stories are broken by bloggers with an inside interest in the story, and the more established media then fall over themselves to report it in a greatly reduced form. So it is no surprise that there are plenty of people out there who will pay close interest to what is rather tackily dubbed the “blogosphere”.  

The big news for you is that a blog can actually make money for you. Advertisers have not been slow to recognize that the public have gone for blogging in a big way, and many have begun to target some of their advertising budget in that direction. When you look at it from the point of view of a big business, they have good reason to do this – an audience with a stated interest in a particular topic will be more likely to buy goods that are somehow linked with that topic whether it be by nationality, shared audience or any other association. The upshot for the blogger is that they can sell advertising space on their blog and get paid for doing what they enjoy. The Internet has allowed people to take this kind of power for themselves, which is no small achievement.



Commission Blueprint 

You, like almost everyone in the world with a computer, will undoubtedly be sick and tired with the same old e-mails dropping into your inbox on a daily, even hourly basis, promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams. If you click this link now, they promise you, you will never need to work again. The first time you get one, you may well be interested enough to check it out. The second time, you are a little more guarded but may click anyway. By the thousandth...


Google Ambush 

It can get very annoying and tiring when you watch the television these days and see people who are rich and/or successful for no reason other than the fact that they had the chance and the intent to profit from other people’s hard work and – in many cases – gullibility. These people are living the life, and haven’t even had to lift a finger to get where they are. And while this may cause many of us to feel a deep sense of ...


Maverick Money Makers 

Money makes the world go round. Money, Money, Money. If I Were a Rich Man. Just three songs that make pretty clear what is a major issue for all of us, no matter who we are. From the richest businessman to the poorest person on the planet, we would all feel a lot more comfortable if we had more money in the bank. It was a wise man who said “Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can...