The Internet is Your Marketplace 

The world is often referred to as a “global village”. If that is indeed the case, and it would seem more accurate to refer to it as a “global city” these days, then the Internet is surely its local newspaper. Years ago, a young man sitting in Tokyo wondering about the score in a football game being played in Miami would have continued to wonder until such time as the scores were reported with a single line in a national newspaper some days later. Today, that same man can log on to any number of sites that will update him with play-by-play information and may even be able to watch the game live. The Internet has, in some respects, shrunk the world to the size of a small town – while giving those small towns the opportunity to see the world without ever going anywhere. 

For business this has meant untold opportunities. When, in times gone past, someone had something to sell, they would take it to a local market. When the word “local” has been changed so radically in meaning by the Internet, it now turns out that the local market can be right here, or it can be anywhere else you can get a connection. In short, the Internet is acting as a global marketplace in addition to the world’s local newspaper. While this is anathema to some, who prefer to keep things as they are, the Internet is making no apology for changing the world profoundly.



Commission Blueprint 

You, like almost everyone in the world with a computer, will undoubtedly be sick and tired with the same old e-mails dropping into your inbox on a daily, even hourly basis, promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams. If you click this link now, they promise you, you will never need to work again. The first time you get one, you may well be interested enough to check it out. The second time, you are a little more guarded but may click anyway. By the thousandth...


Google Ambush 

It can get very annoying and tiring when you watch the television these days and see people who are rich and/or successful for no reason other than the fact that they had the chance and the intent to profit from other people’s hard work and – in many cases – gullibility. These people are living the life, and haven’t even had to lift a finger to get where they are. And while this may cause many of us to feel a deep sense of ...


Maverick Money Makers 

Money makes the world go round. Money, Money, Money. If I Were a Rich Man. Just three songs that make pretty clear what is a major issue for all of us, no matter who we are. From the richest businessman to the poorest person on the planet, we would all feel a lot more comfortable if we had more money in the bank. It was a wise man who said “Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can...