Viral Marketing 

If you watch television or read the newspaper, you will in all likelihood have been party to some advertising which comes across as being very strange. Often only on the screen for seconds, or in the form of a single word on a page, they will leave the viewer wondering what they are all about. This is a form of marketing which has been perfected by the Internet – the viral advertisement. So called because it takes hold at high speed and causes widespread interest in a very short time, viral marketing has become a major tool in the armory of the advertiser and of any businessperson who is of a mind to try something different. It is not to everyone’s taste, but it is effective, if done well. 

The key thing about viral marketing is that it does not give everything away up front. You may be keen to tell the world about the new innovation which you have developed, which will revolutionize the way people do everything. But viral marketing plays on the fact that people will talk about things which have amazed them, or made them think. So giving away a small part of the story in a tantalizing way is the key part of the viral strategy. It will make people talk about your ad, and wait for the next one – the next part of the story or piece of the jigsaw. When the “big reveal” happens, it will have grown into something that people absolutely have to know about. It does go without saying, however, that viral marketing is only a good idea if your product is a big deal. People will only resent being made to wait patiently for a new brand of clothes pegs.



Commission Blueprint 

You, like almost everyone in the world with a computer, will undoubtedly be sick and tired with the same old e-mails dropping into your inbox on a daily, even hourly basis, promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams. If you click this link now, they promise you, you will never need to work again. The first time you get one, you may well be interested enough to check it out. The second time, you are a little more guarded but may click anyway. By the thousandth...


Google Ambush 

It can get very annoying and tiring when you watch the television these days and see people who are rich and/or successful for no reason other than the fact that they had the chance and the intent to profit from other people’s hard work and – in many cases – gullibility. These people are living the life, and haven’t even had to lift a finger to get where they are. And while this may cause many of us to feel a deep sense of ...


Maverick Money Makers 

Money makes the world go round. Money, Money, Money. If I Were a Rich Man. Just three songs that make pretty clear what is a major issue for all of us, no matter who we are. From the richest businessman to the poorest person on the planet, we would all feel a lot more comfortable if we had more money in the bank. It was a wise man who said “Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can...